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  • Joediske Kirkegaard: Joedevej (meaning "Jew Road") in the outskirts of Saebyholm wood. 1722-1920; 175 graves, 105 names, 1722 - 1909, alphabetical list + some biographies; see book listed in Copenhagen. [1999]
  • The Jewish cemetery established around 1700 has a still extant tombstone from 1722. The total of burials is about 175. In 1815, the cemetery was enlarged and in 1847 a beit tahara built.No written record of pre-1814 burials exists making only 105 burial plots identifiable. Of these, 46 have no tombstones. Today the cemetery is maintained by Nakskov municipality. JOWBR burial list.  [July 2009]
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