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Zlutice (Luditz in German) used the cemetery at Chyse

photos. Zlutice celebrated thousand years of history in 1973. The village was first mentioned on the list of Czech bishoprics in 973. The surrounding wall was built in the 13th century when the administrators were the Ryzmberk family. The town got its town privileges in 1375 as did the town of Cheb. The town probably was bilingual since establishment. Since Hussism, the offical languague was Czech until 1673 when German became the offical languague in the entire Pilsen region. The town square retains its original shape and surrounding road patterns. The original town castle disappeared with only a few fragments remaining. Jews settled here probably in the 19th century, but the 1883 synagogue was converted into a townhouse after 1950. Some beautiful townhouses surround around the square. The 1537 townhall is in one of them. The local museum is next to the townhall. The information center is also on the square. [February 2009]

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