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VLCI:     used the cemetery at Svihov

Alternate names: Wlci, Wolfling, Wölfling. Vlci is a very little village (no school, no post office), about 401 ha, 30 km south of Plzen (10 km southof Prestice), in hilly countryside. A Jewish population probably dates from the mid-18th century or much earlier. Two names of Jewish families are Wachtel and Glaser. Most Jews were traders or farmeers, wotj some in the cattle business. Most Jews moved to other towns before the end of the 19th century. The current town population is 72 with no Jews. The first identified Jew in Vlci is the trader David Wachtel.The former synagogue from the first half of the 19th century located near an old farm along the main road is now a storehouse. [February 2009]


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