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Coat of arms of TřinecTrzyniec

used cemetery at Cesky Tesin


Polish: Trzyniec, German: Trzynietz is a town at 49°40′40″N 18°40′22″E on the Olza River in previous Cieszyn Silesia. 2001 population: 38,953 inhabitants of which 17.7% are Poles.The village of Třinec first mentioned in a written document in 1444. The agrarian area was rich in limestone, iron ore, and clay. In 1836 the first metallurgical furnace began with the iron mill operating in 1839, the largest in the entire Cieszyn Silesia area. After  construction of the Košice-Bohumín Railway line in 1871, rapid development of the town occurred. In 1920, the area became part of Czechoslovakia. Třinec gained town rights in 1931. In October 1938, the entire region known as Zaolzie was annexed by Poland and during World War II by Nazi Germany. After WWII, again part of Czechoslovakia, eventually surrounding villages were incorporated into Třinec. Třinec Iron and Steel Works, largest one in the Czech Republic, still has a major impact on the town, demographics, and air pollution.Třinec is an important cultural center for the Zaolzie Polish minority. [February 2009]


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