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cemetery photos [February 2009]


US Commission No. CZCE000380

Alternate name: Skalka in Hungarian. Podbrezi is located in Bohemia, Rychnov nad Kneznou at 50º07 16º18, 16 km SSE of Nachod and 28 km ENE of Hradec Kralove. Cemetery: 500 m E of chateau called Skalka. Present town population is under 1,000 with no Jews.

  • Town: Obecni Urad Podbrezi, 518 01 Dobruska; tel. 0443/942-68.
  • Regional: Okresni urad, (chief: Petr ben Pinhas Narwa), 516 01 Rychvov nad Kneznou; tel. 0445/212-84 or 217-04; and Pamatkovy ustav vychodnich Cech, zamek, 530 02 Pardubice; and Zidovska Nabozenska Obec v Praze, Maislova 18, 110 01 Praha 1; tel. 02/231-69-25.
  • Interested: Okresni Muzeum, zamek, 516 11 Rychov nad Kneznou and Statni Zidovske Muzeum, Jachymova 3, 110 01 Praha 1; tel. 02/231-06-34 or 231-07-85.
  • Caretaker: Jiri Mach, Orlicka 974, 518 01 Dobruska.

Earliest known Jewish community was 1723. 1930 Jewish population was 0. Peak Jewish population was 1844 (approximately 150 people). They later moved to big towns so independent congregation disbanded in 1893. Last Jewish family left the village in 1924. The landmarked Jewish cemetery originated in first quarter of 18th century with last known Conservative Jewish burial in 1924. The isolated wooded hillside by water has no sign or marker. Reached by turning directly off a public road, access is open to all via a continuous masonry wall and non-locking gate. The pre- and post-WWII size of cemetery is 0.0691 ha.

100-500 stones, most in original location, date from 1725-20th century. The sandstone flat shaped stones, double tombstones and one obelisk have Hebrew, German and Czech inscriptions. Some have traces of painting on their surfaces. The cemetery contains no known mass graves, sections, or structures. Praha Jewish community owns cemetery. Adjacent properties are woods. Organized individual tours, tourists, and private visitors visit frequently. This cemetery was not vandalized. Local non-Jewish residents and regional/national authorities did restoration in early 1950s. Praha Jewish congregation pays a regular caretaker. Moderate threat: vandalism. Slight threat: weather erosion and vegetation.

Vlastmila Hamackova, Zabelska 37, 312 15 Plzen; tel. office 02/231-06-34 and Jiri Fiedler, z"l, Brdickova 1916, 155 00 Praha 5; tel. 02/55-33-40 completed survey on 24 August 1992. No documentation was used. No site visits or interviews occurred.

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