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town image and cemetery Holocaust memorial. The town of Nový Jičín is situated in NE Czech Republic in Moravia. The first written documentation about the town dates to 1313. The town is an administrative, industrial and cultural centre of the Nový Jičín district. A striking feature is the ruin of one of the oldest castles in Moravia – the Starý Jičín. Dating back to 1240, it was damaged in The Thirty Years War and later  rebuilt. In the19th century, it turned into a ruin. Recently, reconstruction work was undertaken and a tower of the original castle gate rebuilt. Masaryk Square has many rich patrician houses, especially the two–story Renaissance house with balconies built in 1563 for Ondřej Řepa, the local noble, that is now known as the Old Post Office established in 178 and today a cultural centre. Arcades neatly surround the square. The centre of the square has a column dating from the early 18th century and a stone fountain decorated with a sculpture of dancing peasants dressed in a costume of Kravaře. The remains of the fortification walls and a six-wall bastion erected in the 17th century and 16th century Gothic Žerotín Castle, also part of the fortification, can be seen. [February 2009]


US Commission No. CZCE000136

Alternate name: Nový Jičín [Cz], Neutitschein [Ger], Nowy Jiczyn [Pol], Neu-Titschein, Jičín Nový. Novy Jicin is located in Morava-Novy Jicin at 49°36' N, 18°01' E , 20 miles SW of Ostrava. Cemetery: 2.5 km NE, Suvorovova Street. Present town population is 26,500 with fewer than 10 Jews.

  • Town: Mayor Engineer Ladislav Grof, Mestsky Urad, 741 00 Novy Jicin; tel. 0656/20783.
  • Local: Blanka Flisnikova, Mestsky Urad-Referat Kultury, 741 00 Novy Jicin; tel. 0656/20321.
  • Regional: Engineer Lubomir Mamula, Okresni Urad-Referat Kultury, 741 00 Novy Jicin; tel. 0656/22431.
  • Interested: Augustin Danek, Director, Okresnivlastivedne Muzeum, zamek, 741 00 Novy Jicin; tel. 0656/20708. Jan Reich, Divadelni 20, 741 00 Novy Jicin; tel. 0656/23821.
  • Key holder and the caretaker: Cirkev Adventistu 7 Dne, Suvorovova 478, 741 00 Novy Jicin; tel. 0.

Earliest known Jewish community was end of 14th century. [275 (in 1880)] 1930 Jewish population was 206. Grant of residence in 1848 and establishment of Jewish community in 1868 followed banishment of Jews in 1562. Professor Max Mannheimer lived here. The unlandmarked Jewish cemetery originated in 1875 with last known Conservative Jewish burial before 1942. The flat isolated suburban site has no sign or marker. Reached by turning directly off a public road, access is open to all via a continuous masonry wall and locking gate. The pre- and post-WWII size of cemetery is about 100x30 meters.

The cemetery contains special memorial monuments to Holocaust victims but no known mass graves. Within the limits of the site is a pre-burial house with distinctive architecture and a memorial tablet. Ostrava Jewish community owns the property used as a Jewish cemetery. Adjacent properties are commercial or industrial and agricultural. Occasionally, private visitors stop. Vandalism occurred during World War II and 1945-1981 with no maintenance. Serious threat: uncontrolled access, pollution and vandalism. Moderate threat: vegetation and proposed nearby development. Slight threat: weather erosion and existing nearby development.

Engineer arch Jaroslav Klenovsky, Zebetinska 13, 623 00 Brno; tel. 0 completed survey on 1 March 1992. Documentation: Hugo Gold: Die Juden und Juden Gemeinden Morava 1928 and Jan Herman: Jewish Cemeteries in Bohemia and Moravia 1980. Other exisiting documentation was not used. No interviews.

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