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see cemetery photo [February 2009]

map and photos: "The village Kovářov lies about 10 km north of the town Milevsko in the Středočeská Pahorkatina (Middle Czech Hill country). ...Gothic All Saint's Church...probably dates from the 12th century, because it was already known as a parish church in 1220. The tower was added in 1712. In the surroundings of the Baroque rectory in the northern part of Kovářov  .... In the second half of the 20th century uranium mines were in Kovářov. The slag heap on the southern outskirts of the village is from that time." [February 2009]

The Jewish community in Kovářov from the first half of the 19th century with fifteen Jews in 1930 had a chapel in house No. 39. The Jewish cemetery dating from the mid-19th cenetery can be found on the foothill of the small hill called Kovářovská Hůrka on the NW outskirts on a slope dates, 500 m NW of the village center and at the SE foot of Kovářovská hůrka. Now hidden in the forest's edge, about 120 gravestones date from the founding to 1940. Only a fragment of the ceremonial hall remains in the northwestern corner of the cemetery. [February 2009]


N49°31.074' E14°16.702'. Kovarov is part of the area called Kozácko (Táborsko - Milevsko). Folk songs and dances and theatre performances are traditional here.The first written mention is from 1220, when a country gentleman Budilov from Kovářov lived in the fortified settlement here. From 1461 Kovářov belonged to Jan  Rožmberk and then to the king as well. The Švamberks are the most known from the following owners. From the end of the 16th century it belonged to the Orlík estate. The Gothic All Saints' Church is the oldest place of interest in Kovářov and has been the parish church since 1220.  Most of the historical monuments are from the 17th and 18th centuries. The sculptural group Calvary and the sculpture of St. Jan Nepomucene, both from the sculptor Brokoff's workshop, are among the most important. The building of the old Baroque rectory from 1739 is interesting because of the attic roof typical for buildings of this kind in the Orlík estate. Kovářov consists of seventeen settlements with 1,500 inhabitants and its area is 5050 ha. [February 2009]

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