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also used cemetery at Bestin
Hostomice, Hostomitz, Hostomice pod Brdy (Běštín) . 49°50' N 14°03' E, 25.8 miles SW of Praha. 

website in Czech with photo: landmarked and freely accessible through the grass from the road. "The cemetery is located 2 km SW of the border Hostomice běštínského at foot of wooded hills Chlumek. Founded in September 1837, by this time all the dead buried in the Jewish cemetery in Běštín. In the early 20th century site was extended to the present size of 1,979 m2. The site was created with a staircase extension. Visible are about 160 tombstones from the founding to 1930s and the outer wall mortuary. Among others buried here are four victims of floods in 1845 Praskolesy. First buried in this cemetery was Běštína Salomon Fischer, who died in 1837 at the age of 93. Sigismund Polak from Lochovice was buried last in 1942. In the mid-1990s, the cemetery was cleared of unwanted vegetation. Between 1995 - 1996 tombstones were righted and outer walls were repaired. Currently ongoing maintenance cemetery, where necessary, and future repair wall of quarry stone needed." [Sep 2011]
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