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Horní Cerekev: 49°19′13″N 15°19′34″E, town website in Czech.

website in Czech with photo: landmarked and accessible. "The cemetery is located 1,500 meters NW of the town on the edge of the woods near the creek Pláňovského. Founded in the 17th century on 927 m2 and was used until the beginning of World War II. The devastated area contains about 180 gravestones from the 18th century and 30 from the 20th century, it is dominated by a small building with significantly steep pyramidal roof. In 1916  two refugees were buried there and in 1917 three. In 1939 free freeholders were buried there as was Irma Sommer and probably the last burial (September 1942) named Markvarce Hynek Spiegel, who died at the age of 86. Reconstruction of the entire complex started in 1999 when the cemetery was cleared of unwanted vegetation and reconstruction of the mortuary started, completed in 2001. At present, ongoing maintenance where necessary. Righting  dozens of fallen tombstones and restoration of historic tombstones from the 18th century, should be completed, and the repair wall of quarry stone." [Sep 2011]
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