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49°47' N 14°53' E, 27.4 miles SE of Praha.  synagogue. [Sep 2015], [cit. 05/06/2013].  online.

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  • Located in NE of the village Divisov opposite the turnoff to the village Měchno, an old landmarked Jewish cemetery located in the cadastral area Měchnov municipality, close to highway D1. The cemetery dating from 1776, or in 1777 as is the founding of the Jewish religious about 2 miles from Divisov. Expanded in 1827 to the present area of 2921 meters. about 190 Baroque and Classicist gravestones and their fragments are visible, the oldest legible dates from 1795. The last burial took place in October 1941.The older Baroque sandstone gravestones eroded with inscriptions illegible. Those from the early 20th century are intact  Stone walls partialy open enable free access. Only the peripheral walls were preserved from the ceremonial hall that was renovated at the dnd of the 20th century. The Jewish community in Prague owns the site and is restoring it gradually. photos. [Sept 2015]
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