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DESTNA: (called Deschna in German) used cemetery at Kardasova Recice


map and photos: " The village Deštná is located about 8 km north-east of the small town Kardašova Řečice. The history of Deštná dates [from] the first half of the 13th century, when the Teutonic Order founded the St. Otton's Church here [about 1225]. The settlement arose around the church about 1294. In 1599 the spring of the mineral water was discovered in the village and the spa founded. The spa ran [until 1850]. In the new era after the Second World War, the spring has been used for the production of lemonade. St. Otton's Church was reconstructed several times, last in 1733 into the Baroque style. Its present appearance is the mixture of various styles - the Gothic presbytery, Romanesque portal and Baroque nave. Baroque furnishings can be found in the church." [February 2009]

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