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The Jewish community was densely settled in the eastern part of the Nova Bystrice region with the only remainder after the Holocaust being the desolate synagogues in Jindrichuv Hradec and Telc and cemeteries in Markvarec, Stare Mesto pod Landstejnem, Dolni Bolikov, Jindrichuv Hradec and Nova Bystrice. Source of information about Jewish communities in the area. [February 2009]


The first mention of Jews dates from 1585 when Jews were not permitted to sell any goods not accredited by local guildsmen. Two Jewish families lived in Dacice in 1795, three in 1801 and four in 1804, 62 in 1900. After equal rights were granted to Jews in 1867, several families migrated to Dacice from neighbouring village settlements: mainly from Markvarec (families Freund, Stukart, Schulz, Jelinek) and from Olsany (family Jelinek). Twelve pupils attended a Jewish school in 1871. A prayer room was established in rented rooms. Commercial activities:

    • Freund: Grocer in house number 99/I, stock and store with pelts.
    • Stukart: Weaving mill (80 weavers) famous under the company name "Max Stukart a syn". Aerated water production was introduced in 1902.
    • Schulz: Stock and coal store in house number 56/I.
    • Jelinek (from Markvarec): Collection center and store with pelts in house number 103/I.
    • Jelinek (from Olsany): Slaughterhouse, pork-butcher, cattle dealer, agriculture. Grocer in house number 201/I.
    • Grunfeld: Cafe and distillery.
    • FVohryzek: Hosiery mill in house number 55/I (66 workers in 1930). First steam engine in Dacice was installed in 1926.
    • Guttmann (from Cesky Rudolec): Dry goods in house number 68/I.
  • Jews ("very uncivilised")  from Galicia immigrated during the WW I  caused an typhoid fever epidemic in 1916. Further immigration from Nazi occupation in 1938 (especially from Slavonice). Transport to concentration camps in Terezin, Treblinka and Osvietim in May 1942.[February 2009]
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