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45°28' N 18°13' E, 6.6 miles E of Nasice. Podgorač, Pogorács, Podgorács

The first mention of a synagogue is the 1857 census of the Kingdom of Croatia, Slavonia and Dalmacia. The synagogue was in the yard of the house of Jewish merchant Mavro Juhn from Porega in Podgoraè in the mid-19th century. (Family originated in Bohemia) An insurgent Croat soldier in the Austro-Hungarian army burned the synagogue in 1918.  (In the Juhn family was the famous Croat sculptor prof. Hinko Juhn /Podgoraè , 1891- Zagreb, 1940.)

CEMETERY: The land for the Jewish community of Podgoraè cemetery was given by landlord Count Pejachevich [Pejaè eviæ]. Around year 1960, the cemetery was torn down and transformed into plowed fields. Gravestones and remains of the Juhn family were relocated to the Jewish cemetery in Osijek, the community of nearby Jewish Community in Nasice to which this community belonged. Jewish population was 1857-19; 1991. Source: Alen Budaj, Pozega – Zagreb, Croatia, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it [September 2002]

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