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45°29' N, 15°33' E , 31 mi SW of Zagreb. Alternate names: Karlovac [Croa], Károlyváros [Hun], Karlstadt [Ger], Carlstadt, Marinograd. Jewish population: 905 (in 1880). Karlovac was built in the 16th century as an unique city core formed as a six-pointed star with a purpose of defense from the Turkish conquerors. See tourism page.[February 2009]

  • Encyclopedia of Jewish Life (2001), pp. 976-977: "Karlovac".
  • Pinkas HaKehilot, Yugoslavia (1988), p. 288: "Karlovac"
City of Karlovac
47000 Karlovac
Banjavčićeva 9
Croatia (+385 47) 628-111 (+385 47) 628-134
Karlovac, County (04). Karlovac

town image {February 2009]

A street in Karlovac called Zidovska varos (Jewish town) recalls the former Jewish quarter. The synagogue Ernest Mühlbauer designed built in 1870-71 on the edge of the historic Jewish quarter area was used as a warehouse during World War II, sold to the municipality in 1946, and torn down around 1960. [January 2009]

Jewish Population: 1925/26- 400; 1930- 400; 1931- 466; 1937/38- 330; 1941-300; 1947- 39; 1994-5. See: Gruber, Ruth Ellen. Jewish Heritage Travel: A Guide to East-Central Europe. New York: John Wiley & Sons, Inc, 1992. (page 244) [1999]

CEMETERY: "Cemetery at Velika Svarca, next to the Military Cemetery dates from 1816 and exists in 2000 with a Ceremonial Hall and about 200 monuments. [Land Registry: Folder No: 202 Plot No.: 93, 86/1, 975/2, 86/2/b & 100/1/b] The property was nationalized in 1958 and protected as a Historical Landmark. However, serious devastation occurred in 1988 when right-wing vandals painted swastikas and symbols of the World War II Fascist Ustasha regime on tombstones. The Helsinki Human Rights Committee of Croatia, which tried to investigate the desecration, was denied access to the site by local police." Source: Dateline World Jewry, World Jewish Congress, 6/1997. [2000]

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