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Soon after liberation from Ottoman rule in 18th Century, the area around Donji Miholjac was given to Baron Hilleprand von Prandau, who administered the area from his castle in Valpovo. He died in 1831. His estate was divided into two equal parts among his two sons. Gustav got southern part (Valpovo) that was divided again after his death in 1886. His elder daughter Marijana got Valpovo estate while Stefanija Hilleprand von Prandau got Donji Miholjac given earlier to son Karlo (northern part around Donji Miholjac with two nearby castles). The older son of Baron Josip Ignac, Karlo, was only 24 when his father died; therefore, Maria Ana Countess Pejacevich (widow of Baron Josip Ignac), built a castle for him in Donji Miholjac in 1818 in late-Baroque style. After death of Karlo Donji, Miholjac was reunited with Valpovo. [January 2009]

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