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Aspen Jewish Congregation, Aspen Chapel, 0077 Meadowwood Dr., Aspen, Colorado 81611, 970 - 925-8245 [December 2000]

Jewish history.

Red Butte Cemetery: Jewish Section has 25 sites used by the Aspen Jewish Congregation. Jan Faurer is the contact at 970-925-8245. Source: Myndel Cohen

UPDATE: On Cemetery Lane, 1/2 mile west of Aspen. Oldest marked burial 1874, still active. Mailing address is PO Box 13, Aspen CO 81611, for info contact Jane Stapleton -- 970-923-6313. tombstone photos. [August 2005]

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AURORA: Arapahoe County http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/colorado-co/aurora-arapahoe-county.html http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/colorado-co/aurora-arapahoe-county.html also see Denver

general Arapahoe County information. Aurora was called Fletcher until 1907. [August 2005]

Congregation BMH (Beth Hamedrash Hagadol Synagogue) (303-366-8264) 560 S. Monaco Parkway, Denver CO 80224 (303-388-4203)

Ohr Avner United Bukharim Synagogue of Colorado, 11275 East Mississippi Avenue, Aurora, CO 80012. Phone: 720-435-5906 [August 2005]

Mt. Nebo Memorial Park: 11658 East Colfax Avenue, Aurora, CO 80010. (303-237-0573). Owned and operated by BMH Congregation, qhich operated this cemetery continuously since 1898. Source: Ben Streltzer, Executive Director.

1919 Jewish population was 11,000 according to "Directory of Jewish Local Organizations in the United States", pp. 330-583. American Jewish Year Book 5680 September 25,1919 to Sept. 12, 1920; vol. 21, edited by Harry Schneiderman for the American Jewish Committee and submitted by Alan Hirschfeld. Mount Nebo Cemetery: #01557 in Cemeteries of the US. Deborah M. Burek, ed. Gale Research Int., Detroit MI (1994) ISBN 0-8103-9245-3; partial list of burials.

photo.  [August 2005]

Jewish tuberculosis patient burials with a significant number buried by benevolent groups as indigent and in unmarked pauper graves. [January 2009]

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BOULDER: Boulder County http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/colorado-co/boulder-boulder-county.html http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/colorado-co/boulder-boulder-county.html general Boulder County information. [August 2005]

Jewish Community: POB 18983, Boulder, Colorado 80308, 303 - 447-3313

Bonai Shalom, 1527 Cherryvale Road, Boulder, CO 80303: Phone: 303-442-6605.  [August 2005]

Congregation Har HaShem [August 2005

Kehilath Aish Kodesh, 1805 Balsam Avenue, Boulder, CO 80304. Phone: 303-443-2497 E-mail [August 2005]

Jewish Boulder:  [August 2005]

Chevra Kadisha Burial Society, Boulder. 303 - 271-3540

  • Green Mountain Cemetery: Congregation Bonai Shalom section (King David Cemetery). 1527 Cherryvale. 303-444-5696. Fax: 303-442-1500. Orthodox, Office Hours: 9am to 2pm, Tuesday through Friday) uses a fenced-in area of Green Mountain Cemetery, with no special name.Source: Myndel Cohen.UPDATE: tombstone photos. Green Mountain cemetery was established in 1904. 290 20th Street, Boulder, CO.  photo [August 2005]
  • Mountain View Cemetery: 3016 Kalmia Avenue, Boulder, CO 80301. (303) 442 -4448. Jewish section. Mountain View Memorial Park was established in 1947. [April 2010[
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CENTENNIAL: Arapahoe County http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/colorado-co/centennial.html http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/colorado-co/centennial.html Congregation Beth Shalom, 6116 South Pennsylvania Street. Centennial, CO 80121 Phone: 303-794-6643. Mailing address: P.O. Box 3107,  Littleton,   CO  80161 P.O. Box 3107, Littleton,   CO  80161


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COLORADO SPRINGS: El Paso County http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/colorado-co/colorado-springs-el-paso-county.html http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/colorado-co/colorado-springs-el-paso-county.html general El Paso County information. [August 2005]

photos. Jewish community. [August 2005]

Jewish community and synagogues history. [April 2010]

Temple Beit Torah, 527 North Chelton Road. Colorado Springs, CO 80909 Phone: 719.573.0841. E-mail.  [August 2005]

Temple Shalom, 1523 East Monument Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80909, Phone: 719.634.5311 E-mail. [August 2005] See history for information about merger of several congregations.

Evergreen Cemetery, section: Sons of Israel Cemetery: Located within Evergreen Cemetery, 105 S. Hancock Ave. 719-578-6646. Sons of Israel Synagogue, 1600 E. Pikes Peak Ave was founded May 8, 1949. Cemetery has 225 burial sites. All congregations in Colorado Springs use Evergreen Cemetery. Temple Shalom coordinates all business matters of this cemetery. Contact Sol Mayer. Source: Myndel Cohen

UPDATE: Jewish Cemetery: The Colorado Springs Gazette, Wednesday, 7 June 1905; page 2: INVESTIGATING - The county commissioners visited the county road near the cemetery yesterday to investigate the complaint of M.K. Myers, to the effect that water from the county road was draining upon the Jewish Cemetery causing much damage. Source [January 2003]

UPDATE:  history and tombstone photos. Evergreen Cemetery is Colorado Spring's oldest continuously operated cemetery established shortly after the town was founded in 1871, and has been owned and operated by the city since 1876. For transcription of all burials through 1972. For burials list, scroll down to Evergreen Cemetery [August 2005]

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COMMERCE CITY: Adams County http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/colorado-co/commerce-city-adams-county.html http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/colorado-co/commerce-city-adams-county.html general Adams County information. [August 2005]

Rose Hill Cemetery: 6841 62nd Ave., Commerce City, CO 80022 (303-288-1414). Rose Hill Cemetery, in the heart of historic Commerce City, was established by the United Hebrew Cemetery Association in 1892 on what at the time was an open plain.

photo links. [August 2005]

UPDATE: Jewish tuberculosis patient burials with a significant number buried by benevolent groups as indigent and in unmarked pauper graves. [January 2009]

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COTOPAXI http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/colorado-co/cotopaxi.html http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/colorado-co/cotopaxi.html Cotopaxi Colorado: Russian Jewish Colony

The Jewish Farming Experiment in America - ...

Cotopaxi Shtetlinks Site - Home Page.html

Cotopaxi Jewish Settlement I | CPR [Sept 2016]


  • I placed a historic marker at the site of the Cotopaxi Jewish cemetery.  I also arranged for a proper demarcating fence to be around the gravesites. Jerry Klinger [Sept 2015]


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CRIPPLE CREEK: Teller County http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/colorado-co/cripple-creek-teller-county.html http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/colorado-co/cripple-creek-teller-county.html general Teller County information. [August 2005]

photo. Jewish history. [August 2005]

Mount Pisgah Cemetery: Forty acre cemetery located in the Cripple Creek historic district, just west of the city on Teller Route number 1 on the slopes of Mt. Pisgah. The first known burial took place in 1891. [August 2005]

information and photos [April 2010]

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DENVER: Denver County http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/colorado-co/denver-denver-county.html http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/colorado-co/denver-denver-county.html Feldman Mortuary - 1936-present - 303/322-7764, 1673 York, Denver, Colorado 80206.  Records available - recent burials listed on website. 100% Jewish.

Horan and McConaty Shalom Funeral Services - 1998-present - 303/504-6266,  - "Shalom" is Jewish operation of overall H&M business.

Always With You, Inc. - 2003-present - 303/283-1700, services conducted in Russian, Yiddish, and Polish - clientele mostly immigrants - records available to genealogists.  100% Jewish.

Congregation Emanuel - Founded in 1873, Reform, 51 Grape St., Denver, CO 80220, 303/388-4013

BMH-BJ Congregation - Founded in 1895, Orthodox, 560 S. Monaco Pkwy, Denver, CO 80224-1227, 303/388-4203

Hebrew Education Alliance (HEA) - Founded in 1932, Conservative, 3600 S. Ivanhoe St., Denver, CO 80237, 303/758-9400

Chevra Kaddisha of Denver participated in the halachic preparation and burial of a medical doctor in this cemetery within the last couple of years. Feldman Mortuary of Denver made the arrangements. Deceased was a doctor in the Vail Valley for 30+ yrs, originally from NY. Source: Edward Shapiro [February 2005]

Jewish history. "In 1871 the Denver Hebrew Cemetery Association was re-formed as the new Hebrew Benevolent Society with businessman Julius Londoner as president. Julius's brother, Wolfe, would later serve as Mayor of Denver in 1899." [August 2005]

UPDATE: Denver tuberculosis victims' graves records, history, and photographs. "The oldest Jewish burials in Denver were conducted by the pioneer organization, the Hebrew Burial and Prayer Society (later known as the Hebrew Cemetery Association) from 1860 to 1910 and were interred at the Denver

  • Emanuel Cemetery: section of Fairmount Cemetery: 430 South Quebec St. Denver, CO 80231 (303) 399-0692; Founded 1911 and owned by Temple Emanuel, 51 Grape St., 303-388-4013. Temple Emanuel, NE of Denver, was founded in 1896. Reference: Emanuel Cemetery at Fairmount #01713 and #01714 in Cemeteries of the US. Deborah M. Burek, ed. Gale Research Int., Detroit MI (1994) ISBN 0-8103-9245-3.  The oldest Jewish Cemetery in Denver and located within the boundaries of Fairmount Cemetery on the corner of Alameda and Quebec, the cemetery is owned and operated by Congregation Emanuel. For information, call the Temple at 303-388-4013, 303-399-0692. Reform. Congregation Emanuel keeps the burial records — known informally as Emanuel Cemetery.  About 6% of burials are Jewish (1000+ Jewish graves.) [January 2009]

E-mail. Cemetery photo and information. information. [August 2005]

UPDATE: story about Salomon family that helped found the Hebrew Burial and Prayer Society, which organized Denver’s first Jewish cemetery and later evolved into Congregation Emanuel, Denver’s first synagogue, of which they were charter members.  Story is about  the misplaced gravestone statute of Jessie Eleanor Salomon, who died at the age of 19 on January 8, 1889: "at least five of the graves now in the plot were originally located in the old City Cemetery, located on ground that is now used by Cheesman and Congress Parks and the Denver Botanic Gardens. The graves in that cemetery all had to be moved when the city decided the land would be developed for other purposes. According to records, the Salomon graves were moved to Fairmount on April 4, 1916." [January 2009]

  • Fairmont Cemetery: see Emanuel Cemetery
  • Golden Hill Cemetery: Burials 1908-present; includes tuberculosis patients from JCRS. \ 303/237-0573, 12000 W. Colfax Avenue, Lakewood, CO 80215. Established as West Side Benevolent Society. 3787 Burials. 100% Jewish.  [January 2009]
  • Mount Nebo Cemetery: Burials 1904-present; includes tuberculosis patients from JCRS. (burials 1904-present): 303/366-8264, 11658 East Colfax Ave., Aurora, CO 80010. Owned by BMH-BJ Congregation since 1898. 100% Jewish. 6000-7000 graves.  [January 2009]
  • Pioneer Cemetery:Old Jewish Section” located east of Cheesman Park on Capitol Hill. Most Jewish remains and gravestones there were moved to the nonsectarian Riverside Cemetery and to Jewish Fairmount, Golden Hill and Rose Hill cemeteries in the early 1900s due to urban development." (burials 1867-1910) [January 2009]
  • Riverside Cemetery: (1896-1901): 5201 Brighton Blvd., Denver, CO 80216. 303/293-2466. Less than 1% of  burials are Jewish. Seven Jewish gravestones survive.  Plot book available for review does not contain burials transferred from Old Jewish Section at Pioneer Cemetery. Affiliated with Congregation Emanuel and Fairmount Cemetery. photo.Denver's Historic Riverside Cemetery is managed by Fairmount Cemetery. Fairmount Cemetery , 430 S. Quebec St. Denver, CO.  80247-1050. Friends of Rierside Cemetery for history and information. [April 2010]
  • Rose Hill Cemetery: 6841 E. 62nd Ave., Commerce City, CO 80022 (303-288-1414). Established in 1891 as United Hebrew Cemetery Association; there are about 5,000 graves with 10,000 or 12,000 more sites.

Rose Hill Cemetery: #01562 in Cemeteries of the US. Deborah M. Burek, ed. Gale Research Int., Detroit MI (1994) ISBN 0-8103-9245-3.

UPDATE: N. David ("Dovey") Heller, Executive Director. Joe Wolf is the Jewish memorialist for Norman's Memorials, Inc.; past head of the men's "chevrah kadisha." The on-site groundskeeper/sexton is Court Monaghan, who is a very observant Orthodox Jew. Source: Joe Wolf. 303-321-2525. 888-666-WOLF.[June 2003]

UPDATE: Burials 1892-present; includes tuberculosis patients from JCRS [January 2009]

Established 1891 as United Hebrew Cemetery Association. about 7,000 graves. 100% Jewish.

  • United Hebrew Cemetery: #01722 in Cemeteries of the US. Deborah M. Burek, ed. Gale Research Int., Detroit MI (1994) ISBN 0-8103-9245-3,. See Rose Hill cemetery above



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DURANGO: La Plata County http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/colorado-co/durango-la-plata-county.html http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/colorado-co/durango-la-plata-county.html general La Plata County information. [August 2005]


Har Shalom, 2537 County Road 203, Durango, CO, P.O. Box 9199, Durango, CO 81302, Phone: 970.375.0613 E-mail. Visiting Rabbi is Elliot Baskin. [August 2005] Contact Mrs. Rabbi Gershon Winkler of Cuba, New Mexico, who served as Rabbi for Durango and Northern New Mexico. 


Durango Greenmount Cemetery: Har Shalom congregational section is located on the far eastern part of the cemetery overlooking the river. I am responsible for the cemetery plots in our little area, separate from the rest of the cemetery with currently only one plot "in use".  We have done nothing to develop the area other than to buy contiguous plots and ask the city to allow for some room to grow contiguously. Source: Richard Brown, Secretary, Har Shalom [August 2005]

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