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Comunidad Judia de Cali, POB 8918, Cali, Columbia, tel. 601 930 [October 2000].
Union Cultural Israelita, Apartado Arereo 5552 Tel: 02-668-9830   Fax: 02-661-6857 [September 2005]
Centro Israelita de Beneficiencia, Calle 44a. 5a Norte Esquina Tel: 02-664-1379   Fax: 02-665-5419 [September 2005]
Sociedad Hebrea de Socoros, Av. 9a Norte # 10-15 Tel: 02-668-8518   Fax: 02-668-8521 [September 2005]

With an estimated Jewish population of more than 3,000, all Jewish organizations within the city, as well as those in the small towns in the region, have united to form the Unión Federal Hebrea [[Federal Hebrew Union]], which offers religious and social services. The community has two synagogues, one Ashkenazi and one Sephardi, and a school, the Colegio Jorge Isaacs and a summer camp for children, the only one of its kind in the country. [July 2009]
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