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Alternate names: Dairen/Lushun/Luta. Dalian, formerly Port Arthur, was the terminus of the Russian Eastern Railway southern spur. cemetery: The actual location is on a PLA Naval facility. Eight Jewish graves are found there. Dr. Warren plans to obtain the various permissions required to photograph the graves of our lost, OBM. Source: Dr. Robert Warren, CFE at email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . [January 2002]

" The main Jews in Dalian at early time were Jewish soldiers in Russian army, including Joseph Trumpeldor, who became national hero of Jews afterwards. After the Russian army returned their country after war, some Jewish soldiers remained together with their relatives. People might find graveyards of Russian soldiers in Lvshun. Ever since then, Russian Jews came to Dalian continuously and rapidly increased in number after 1917. Most of them settled down and started business, engaged in the business of fur and leather, western medicine, food, catering, hotel, transportation, chemical industry, etc. Some of the firms were running as branches or agents of large Jewish corporations of Europe and America, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Harbin." Jewish history of China. [January 2010[
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