SANTO ANTAO ISLAND: Campinas, Ponta do Sol, Paul (Penha da Franca) Print

Santo Antão is the westernmost and second largest island of the Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) group. Its largest city is Potro Novo on its southen coast.

Campinas, Penha de Franca on Santo Antão Island: six Jewish tombstones. Source: article in The Jewish Week, January 5, 1995, p.21.

Cidade da Ponta do Sol (on the northern coast the Island):

Large number of Jewish tombstones in the general cemetery. Source: article in The Jewish Week, January 5, 1995, p.21.

Jewish cemetary at the town of Ponta da Sol. The family names of Cohn and Wahnon are prominent in Santo Antao. Jewish-derived surnames can be found amongst the inhabitants of the islands. Such names can include Auday, Benros, Ben David, Cohn, DaGama, and Seruya.

Paul (a municipality covering the eastern third of the Island): "The Friendship Society is headed by Dr. Januario Nascimento, of the Auday family of Tangier, founders of the first synagogue there. ...Nascimento is also vice president of the country's Olympic committee ... Abraao Levy is the secretary of the organizations which includes Policario Anahory, brother of the national poet. ...Among the various objectives of the Friendship Society is the restoration of the three Jewish cemeteries, particularly that of Penha Franca on Santo Antão. Although Antonio Julio Rodrigues carefully keeps the debris off the graves, there is a need for funds to put up a wall around the graves and to properly protect the site." From An Unusual Society in Cape Verde by M. Mitchell Serels at . Source: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it [revised September 2005]

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