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Coat of arms of Sofia Alternate names: Sofiya and София  [Bulg], Sofia [Eng, Fr, Ger, Ital], Sofya [Turk], Sofiye [Yid], Serdica [Lat, Grk], Ulpia-Serdica, Sredets, Sofija. 42°41' N, 23°19' E Capital of Bulgaria. Sofia, located at the foot of Mount Vitosha in the western part of Bulgaria, occupies a strategic position at the centter of the Balkan Peninsula..

Capital and largest city of Bulgaria located in western

Wikipedia. [Sep 2014]

History of the Jews in Bulgaria - Wikipedia, Sofia Jewish population: approximately 2,500, about half of the entire Jewish population of Bulgaria. [2010]

OJB Shalom - The Jewish Organization in Bulgaria.

President Eddy Simon Schwarz
Aleksandur Stamboliski 50, 
1303 Sofia
Tel: 2/870163
Fax: 2/870163

ADL Honors Bulgaria for saving Jews from the Holocaust

Greece, Bulgaria and their Jews

Sofia Synagogue - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Exarch Joseph Street 18, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria +359 2 983 1273

Bulgaria Virtual Jewish History Tour | Jewish Virtual Library

Holocaust – Bulgarian Jews spared

Chabad of Bulgaria

38 Stara Planina Street, 
Sofia, 1504, Bulgaria
Tel: 359-2-484-0579 
Rabbi Yosef and Tamar Salamon
Facebook: click here! , and here!
updated on: July 3, 2014
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The Rohr Chabad Jewish Community Center - Sofia, Bulgaria

General city information/ in Municipality Stolichna.Foundation for the Advancement of Sephardic Culture and Studies has history of Sophia:

The Great Synagogue  designed by "Austrian architect Grunander in a Spanish-Morrish style, was finished in 1910 and renovated in 1996 after being closed for nearly 14 years. The synagogue seats over 1,500 and is the largest Sephardic Synagogues in the world today. However only a very small group of people turn out for Shabbat services."[February 2009]


  • 14, Zavodska Str.
  • The Central Sofia Cemetery (Bulgarian: Централни софийски гробища, Tsentralni sofiyski grobishta) or the Orlandovtsi Cemetery("Орландовци") is the main cemetery in Sofia. The cemetery has several chapels used by various Christian denominations, The cemetery also has Russian,Serbian, Romanian and British military sections. Tour with photo.  The  extensive Jewish section (northern part of the cemetery) holds some of the oldest graves. Bulgarian Jews survived World War II without going to death camps, but when Israel was founded, most of them emigrated. As a result, many of the graves are not tended. [Sep 2014]
  • Jewish Sector, General Cemetery [Aug 2015]
  • The Jewish cemetery of the Central Sofia Cemetery is maintained by the Municipal Cemetery Parks Company. The  50,000 square meters cemetery contains about 7,000  granite, marble, and limestone gravestones, most of which are toppled or broken.Inscribed in Bulgarian, Hebrew, and Ladino, most date from the 20th century. The cemetery is divided into numbered groups and lots.. A pre-funeral hall, several ohels, a pre-burial house, and a memorial grave for Jews killed during the Holocaust exist. A stone wall with a gate that is locked at night surrounds the site guarded around the clock. The site is maintained by the Central Israelitic Spiritual Council, but the Jewish community lacks sufficient funds to hire caretakers for regular maintenance. Accordingly, vegetation overgrowth and water drainage are year-round problems. Source [Sep 2014]
  • The Jewish CemeteryNo. 2 tram to the last stop reaches a large Jewish cemetery. Source: The Jewish Travel Guide. London: Jewish Chronicle, 1992.
  • Cemetery photos. [February 2010]
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