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Coat of arms of Sliven Alternate names: Sliven and Сливен [Bulg], İslimiye [Turk], Sliwen [Ger], Slivno, Islimje. 42°40' N, 26°19' E, . 60 miles WNW of Burgas, 88 miles ENE of Plovdiv. Many buildings in the city were built in the National Revival Architecture style

2000 Sliven Jewish population about 50.

Wikipedia. [Sep 2014]

Holocaust [Sep 2014]


  • The 1900 Jewish cemetery last known Jewish burial was in 1970. The site is part of a municipal cemetery, which is surrounded by a fence with a gate that locks. The Jewish section is 0.25 hectares and contains 40-50 visible gravestones. Somewhat less than a quarter of these toppled, broken or otherwise vandalized. Some were vandalized or stolen between 1980 and 1990. The marble and granite gravestones with Bulgarian and Hebrewinscriptions most date from the 20th century. Overgrowth is a year-round problem but the municipality occasionally clears the site. photos [Sep 2014]


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