The Bulgarian Jewish community survived WWII intact, but about half immigrated to Israel. For the remainder, their lives and institutions controlled by the Communist Party meant religious life was vurtually eradicated. Art treasures were damaged, synagogues abandoned or appropriated, ritual objects sold or stolen. Since 1989, the Bulgarian Jewish community is reclaiming several properties. After 1989, Plovdiv's Jews  erected a menorah-shaped monument in the center of Plovdiv in a park on the edge ofPlovdiv's Jewish Quarter, (Street 6 Septembe)r near Zion Synagogue.The inscription, in Hebrew, English and Bulgarian reads: "To all who helped to save us on 10 March, 1943. From the grateful Jewish Community of Plovdiv." See photo. [February 2009]

Cemetery: Jewish section of Plovdiv General Cemetery. See photo. [February 2009]

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