LOM [Lom Palanka, Nikolaevo, Dzhembek Makhala, Nikolaewo, Kalen Potok, Aligina Makhala] Print

Lom, Lom Palanka, Nikolaevo, Dzhembek Makhala, Nikolaewo, Kalen Potok, Aligina Makhala. 43°49' N 23°14' E, 78.2 miles N of Sofiya. Jews first arrived in Lom around 1800, but recent Jewish population was twenty. [Sept 2014]

Jewish history [Sept 2014]


  • Located at the crown of a hill in the western part of town, the Jewish cemetery owned by the municipality was established in 1820. The last known Jewish burial at the cemetery was in 1974. The half-hectare cemetery contains approximately 100 visible mostly 20th century gravestones. The remaining gravestones are horizontal granite and marble slabs, but originally, some may be toppled vertical gravestones with Hebrew and Bulgarian inscriptions. Several stones have lengthy Hebrew epitaphs in beautifully carved script. The site in very poor condition has no wall, fence, or front gate. Many of the headstones have been vandalized. Vegetation overgrowth is a problem year round. Farm buildings and a house were constructed on part of the site. A dirt road cuts thorough the cemetery. Part of the area became a garbage dump. Fences, utility poles, and other intrusive elements encroach on parts of the cemetery. [Sept 2014]

  • US Commission for the Preservation of American Monuments Abroad has photos. [Sept 2014]