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Coat of arms of HaskovoAlternate names: Khaskovo or Хасково [Bulg], Hasköy [Turk], Chaskowo [Ger, Pol], Chaskovo, Haskovo, Haskiöj, Chasköi. 41°56' N, 25°33' E, in S Bulgaria, 125 miles ESE of Sofiya, 44 miles ESE of Plovdiv. Haskovo  is a city and the administrative center of the Haskovo Province in southern Bulgaria, not far from the borders with Greece and Turkey. population: 184,731. [Sept 2014]



Plovdiv Road. The Jewish cemetery section of a municipal cemetery was established around 1830 and contains about 40 19th century gravestones, some with portraits on them. The granite, marble and limestone gravestones have Hebrew and Bulgarian inscriptions. A masonry wall with a gate that locks surrounds the site. No caretaker. Relatives of the deceased do some maintenance work. About 35 Jews still live in Haskovo.



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