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Official seal of Gotse Delchev Alternate Names: Gotsi Delchev, Nevrekop, Nevrokop, Newrokop, Gotze Deltchev. 41°34' N 23°44' E, 80.0 miles SSE of Sofiya. In 1951 the town was renamed after the Revolutionary hero Gotse Delchev. It had hitherto been called Nevrokop (in Bulgarian:Неврокоп, Nevrokop; in Greek: Νευροκόπι, Nevrokopi; and in Turkish: Nevrokop). Nearby are the remains of a walled city established by the Romans in the 2nd century AD. former temple: One Jewish family remained in the town during WWII to maintain the town's temple while all the others fled. The temple  on one of the town market squares amid cheap stores is known among the population as "the Havre" and was converted into the family's home. Part of the exterior remains as it always was with a rounded dome topped with the Star of David. However, the interior is a mix of storage and apartments. No Jews remain in the town.


58 Drama Str. The Jewish cemetery is part of the municipal cemetery. Established at the end of the 18th century, the last known Jewish burial was in 2000. The cemetery's entrance has a bronze double door locking gate with decorative bars and Mogen David motif set within the larger cemetery's high wall. The 150 square meters cemetery contains about thirty visible granite and marble gravestones with inscriptions in Bulgarian, Hebrew, and Ladino. Although a regular caretaker at the site remains, vegetation overgrowth and water drainage are constant problems.

US Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad has photos. [Sept 2014]




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