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Alternate names: Čirpan, Tchirpan, Tschirpan (Bulgarian: Чирпан). 42°12' N 25°20' E, 108.0 miles ESE of Sofiya . This town on the Tekirska River in south central Bulgaria is the administrative centre of the homonymous Chirpan Municipality. 2009 population: 16,355. Chirpan is located north of the Maritsa River on the Chirpan highlands, SE of the Sredna Gora Mountains. The town is a center for wineries and viticulture.



The site of original cemetery located in the current center of the town is now a bus station. The town cemetery has a separate Jewish section included in the route of a recently constructed highway. Many gravestones were destroyed or built over during the construction. The remaining gravestones were removed. Location unknown. [Sept 2014]


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