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"A prayer house for pilgrims visiting the tomb of Rabbi Danon, built in 1832, has recently been rebuilt after falling into ruin. It is a simple one-roomed building on a raised terrace opposite the cemetery.

Cemetery and Tomb of Rabbi Danon: The revered Rabbi Moshe Danon (d. 1830) is buried in a small cemetery at Stolac. The complex was restored and partially reconstructed in 1989 under the direction of Ivan Čerešnješ. The cemetery is now surrounded by a low stone wall with a metal gate. This was erected as part of the 1989 renovation. Inside, a stone path leads diagonally to the grave of Rabbi Danon, before branching around the tomb in three curving paths, evoking the form of a seven-branched menorah. The central branch is the tomb itself, which consists of a large single stone - long, narrow, and about waist high, with a curved top. It appears that the stone may once have been plastered and painted red, or red and white. The front of the stone has the following inscription, in Hebrew and Ladino: ‘This stone is placed here so that it can be as a sign and monument of the burial of the saintly person whose works were wondrous and of whom it was said that he was pious and saintly. He was our master teacher and great Haham Rav Moshe Danon. His good works aid us. Amen. He left this world on the 20th day of Sivan 5590'. The site is shaded by several mature trees. It also contains the graves of two Jewish soldiers, members of the Austrian army who died in the area at the turn of the last century. One of these has no inscription; the other, in German, bears the name of Arnold Silberstein (d 1889). Location: Krajsina, a few kilometers west of Stolac, south of the main road into the town

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