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"Brčko stands on the border with Croatia, about 120 kilometres from Sarajevo. The 150 Jews in the town were slaughtered by the Ustaše on 10 December 1941 on the bridge over the river Sava, which marks the border. A week later, on 16 December, 236 Jewish refugees from Austria suffered the same fate.

Jewish gravestones and Holocaust monument Remnants of the town's abandoned Jewish cemetery were obliterated in 1988 by the construction of a new road. However a local Serbian Orthodox priest, Slavko Maksimovic, rescued some of the remaining gravestones and transferred them to the Serbian Orthodox cemetery. With the consent of the Federation of Jewish Communities in Belgrade and the Jewish Community in Sarajevo, Father Maksimovic arranged for the erection of a Holocaust monument comprising four of the recovered gravestones and a memorial of black marble. A simple text commemorates the events of 1941. Address: Serbian Orthodox Cemetery, Zmaj-Jovina St.

Holocaust monument In the late 1970s, the municipality installed a memorial plaque in the middle of the Sava bridge. It was lost when the bridge was destroyed during the Bosnian war of the 1990s. After the Dayton Agreement the bridge was restored and a new plaque made, now located on the Bosnia-Herzegovina side of the bridge. It is a granite monument, inscribed in Serbo-Croat. Location: Bridge over the river Sava, near the Gunja border crossing

Holocaust monument In 1989, a plaque commemorating the fate of 286 Austrian and German Jews killed on the Sava bridge on 16 December 1941 was installed in the Sipad furniture factory by a local group of veterans of the Partisans. Since then, the factory has been renamed and privatised, and the future of the monument is uncertain. It is a marble plaque, inscribed in Serbo-Croat, and is free-standing inside the factory. Address: Majevica furniture factory, 28 Brace Cuskica Street" Source [January 2009]

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