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BIHAC: see Jezero-Privilica


"The cemetery, owned by the municipality, is located at the centre of Bihač, a city 200 kilometres from Sarajevo. It was established in 1875; the last known burial was in 1940. It is a large enclosure: 16 hectares, surrounded by a broken masonry wall and a broken fence. The cemetery's solid brick boundary wall, visible in photographs of 1940, was destroyed by the Ustaše in 1943 and only fragments survive. The site has been encroached upon by housing. Fewer than 100 gravestones are visible, and many of these are no longer in their original positions. It is heavily overgrown and has in recent years been used as a waste dump. Address: 28 Isaka Samokovlije Str., Islamovac. Source [January 2009]

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