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Alternate names: Braslav [Rus], Brasław [Pol], Braslaw [Bel], Breslev [Yid], Breslauja [Lith], Brasłaŭ, Breslav, Belarusian: Браслаў. Russian: Бреслав. 55°38' N, 27°03' E, 27 miles SE of Daugavpils (Dvinsk), 32 miles ESE of Zarasai (Novo-Aleksandrovsk), 121.4 miles NW of Minsk. Yizkor: Emesh shoa; yad le-kehilot - gevidmnt di kehiles Braslav, Opsah, Okmenits, Dubinah, Zamosh, Zarats, Ya'isi, Yod, Slobudkah, Plusi, Kislovshtsiznah, Rimshan. Until World War I, Braslav was part of the Novo Aleksandrovsk (Zarasai) Uyezd (district) in the Kovno Gubernia. Under Polish rule, Braslav was the district capital within in the voivodeship (province) of Vilna. Jewish population: three Jews in 1700; 1.234 in 1897 (82%); and 1,900 in 1925 (82%). Braslav's Jewish community was liquidated in June 1942 and in March 1943. Righteous gentiles hid a few; others fought in the surrounding forests as partisans. See history and photos. See ShtetLink. See town images and links. [March 2009]

Cemetery: desecrated by Nazis. photo

Mass grave [March 2009]

photos. [February 2010]

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