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Alternate names: Zel'va [Rus, Bel], Zelwa [Pol], Zelva [Yid], Zielwa, Pozelwa, Russian: Зельва. Belarusian: Зэльва. זלווה - Hebrew. 53°09' N, 24°49' E, 15 miles E of Volkavisk (Vaŭkavysk), 21 miles W of Slonim. [Not Želva (Podzelva), Lithuania].


For cemeteryinformation, please contact Jack Berger, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , an expert and scholar on this Zelwa, Belarus.He translated Sefer Zikaron Zelva (The Zelva Memorial Book) available in most major libraries of the English-speaking world.


ZELWA II: is Vel'ka Ves', Bol'shoye Selo. 53°42' N 24°48' E , 113.7 miles W of Minsk and 7.2 miles NNE of Scucyn/Szczuczyn in former Lida uezd of Vilna guberniya.

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