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Alternate names: Voranava [Bel], Voronovo [Rus], Woronów [Pol], Voronova [Yid], Voranova, Voronov, Voronove, Werenów, Woronowo, Russian: Вороново. Belarusian: Воранава. וורונובה Hebrew. 54°09' N, 25°20' E, 18 miles N of Lida. 1900 Jewish population: 1,432. Vornovo was located in the second uchastok of Lida district that was Vilna Guberniya of Lithuania and Grodno Guberniya of Russia and Nowogrodskie powiat of Poland between WWI and WWII, now Grodno Oblast. Alternate names: Voronovo/Voronov/Voronuv/Werenow/Warinowa/Varinova/ Voranava/Woroniszki. 92.9 miles WNW of Minsk. See Lida District. Yizkors:

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MASS GRAVE: There is a memorial at the mass grave in Voronovo. Holocaust photos. [February 2010]

http://www.physics.brocku.ca/~edik/Vitebsk/default.html and http://www.jewishgen.org/Yizkor/voronovo/voronovo.html [October 2000]

UPDATE: "About 8 thousand are buried in 3 huge ditches in the northern suburb of Lida. Jews from Wilnius, Dyatlovo, Voronovo and other settlements surrounding Lida are buried in the same ditches." Source.  [February 2004]

photos of massacre site of 800 Jews from Vilna on the 14 November 1941 and massacre site of 1,834 Jews of the town on the 2 May 1942. [March 2009]

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