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Coat of arms of Vietka Alternate names: Vyetka [Bel], Vetka [Rus], Viatka [Yid], Wietka [Pol], Vietka. 52°34' N, 31°11' E, 11 miles NE of Homyel (Gomel). ВеткаJewish population: 3,726 (in 1897). Small, historical town in Belarus on the bank of the Sozh Vietka Rajon in Homiel oblast.

The Chernobylnuclear catastrophe on April 26, 1986, caused immense depletion of population; (up to 40,000) who were resettled in areas away from radiation effect, and the remaining population of the town was reported as only 7,000 on the first anniversary of the disaster.


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