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Alternate names: Slutsk [Bel, Rus], Słuck [Pol], Slutzk [Yid], Słucak, Belarusian: Слуцк, Слуцак. Russian: Слуцк. סלוצק - Hebrew. 53°02' N, 27°34' E, 61 miles S of Minsk. 1900 Jewish population: 10,264.

Yizkor: Pinkas Slutsk u-benoteha (Tel Aviv, 1962). Shtetlink.

Wikiepdia [Oct 2015]


"Authorities in ... Belarus have discovered a mass grave outside of Slutsk, with the remains of as many as 12,000 people murdered during World War II. Between 1942 and 1944, Jews from Slutsk and prisoners from a nearby concentration camp were executed by Nazi troops and buried at the site.” Source: Dateline World Jewry, November 2002. [December 2002]

Jewish cemetery photos. Remnants of the 19th century Jewish cemetery of XIX century contain no more than 30 monuments. One part of the monuments is at the bottom of the river. [February 2010]

16 September 2007, a ceremonial dedication of a memorial to the 3,000 Jews muirdered in January 1943, during the suppression of an uprising in a ghetto (Photos from the ceremony). The force behind the memorial project is a member of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress General Council and Chairman of the Union of Belarusian Jewish Associations and Communities, architect Leonid Levin. The memorial's erection was also aided by the Slutsk District Executive Committee, the Slutsk and Pinsk Jewish communities, the Union of Belarussian Jewish Public Associations and Communities, the creative workshop of the architect L. Levin, as well as numerous private funds and individuals. [July 2012]

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