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Alternate names: Shklow and Shkloŭ  Shkloŭ, [Bel], Shklov [Rus, Yid], Szkłów [Pol], Škłoŭ, Belarusian: Шклоў. Russian: Шклов. 54°13' N, 30°18' E, 20 miles N of Mahilyow (Mogilev), 112.9 miles ENE of Minsk in Mogilev uezd, Mogilev guberniya, now Mogilev Oblast on the Dnieper river. 1900 Jewish population: 5,422. Jewish printing house. Belarus SIG Newsletter article.

Yisroel ben Shmuel Ashkenazi of Shklov (ca. 1770-May 22, 1839) was one of a group of Talmudical scholars of Shklov

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Yad VashemFive sites: " The first German troops who entered Shklov murdered 25 Jews in the town park. At the end of July 1941 the Germans appointed a local administration which ordered the concentration of Shklov's Jews into two ghettos - in the village of Ryzhkovichi, south of Shklov (in a fenced-off area near the local church) and in the area of a flax factory. About 100 other Jews were confined to the territory of the "Iskra" kolkhoz. The inmates of the Shklov ghettos were ordered to wear yellow Stars of David. They were humiliated, abused, and killed. The Jews were hardly given any food and were compelled to beg from the local residents. From mid-July to the beginning of October 1941 Shklov Jews were murdered by the Germans in murder operations at five different murder sites." [June 2014]

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Shooting of Jewish communists in Lenin park in Shklov [June 2014]


17th century cemetery. 2007 Vandalism: "Mahilou area: Jewish cemeteries in Krychau, Shklou, Bykhau, Chavusy are almost ruined /... But the situation in the region is much worse, said Mahilou journalist Ales Asiptsou.The journalist tells the cemeteries in former small towns and in Krychau, Shklou, Bykhau, Chavusy are almost ruined."The activists of Jewish community say, it is possible to preserve the cemeteries if they receive the status of cultural and historical heritage. For example, there are unique grave-stones made by masters from Vilnius, Bialystok and Warsaw in Mahilou. But this question is hard to solve. The essential problem is search for finances", - the journalist said. It should be noted that the Union of Jewish public organizations and communities is going to pay tribute to more than 50 places where Jews were executed during the WW II in Belarus. " [March 2009]

Cemetery was used by Zarecha and Rizhkevich also.


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