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Alternate names: Syanno [Bel], Senno [Rus], Sena [Yid], Sienno [Pol], Senna [Ger], Syenno, Sianno, Sjanno. Russian: Сенно. Belarussian: Сянно. 54°48' N, 29°42' E, 66 miles NNW of Mogilev, 34 miles SW of Vitebsk.

Jewish cemetery photos. [February 2010]

Forward article and video on the remains of the Jewish Cemetery in Gomel-Jewish cemetery of Senno.Belarus lacks a law on the restitution of community property; and by law, cemeteries can be reclaimed for other use 50 years after the last burial. The last burial was 69 years ago. [November 2010]

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