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Alternate names: Shchedrin, Schedrin, Shedrin, Shchedrino, Scadryn, Zhedrin, Chedrin. Located at 53°37' N, 28°58' E in Igumen uezd, Minsk guberniya, 60.4 miles ESE of Minsk, north of Bobrusk and east of Chervon, 60 miles WSW of Mogilev, 23 miles ESE of Chervyen (Igumen). Shtetlink. Shtetl Book: Der hurben fun mayn shtetl un ire kedoyshim (New York, 1934) Słownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego (1880-1902), X, pp. 532-533: "Sieliba".

The Jewish cemetery is at the S end of the town on the road that leads to Zlatin, near where a creek used to be.

The Jewish Cemetery with photos: " ... site of the former Jewish cemetery, which also contains the mass grave of the Jews of Schedrin, murdered by the Einzatsgrupen in 1941. There was the standard government-erected marker to the slaughter, just like the marker at the site of the mass grave of the Jews of Streshin, only the Yiddish plaque had been torn down. Two long mounds, containing the remains of the Jewish community stretched perhaps 100 feet in either direction. In one of the mounds, Fania showed us a square hole, about 2 yards on a side, where someone in recent years had attempted to dig among the bones for gold. ... through the high grass she had found a Jewish tombstone which was still standing upright. She and Rafi quickly found another upright stone, and then two others lying flat in the  field, one face up and one face down. One of the stones bore the Hebrew date corresponding to 1871 and the name Dov Ber. The others were difficult to decipher. Once again we said kaddish together. This time, however, we made haste, as we found ourselves in the midst of a swarm of moshkes, so thick they were coating our pantlegs, and flying into our mouths and ears. These were gnat-sized but bit something like mosquitos." [October 2010]

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