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Alternate names: Rechytsa [Bel], Rechitsa [Rus, Yid], Rzeczyca [Pol], Ryechitsa, Rechysta, Rečyca, Rechytsia, Riechetsy, Belarusian: Рэчыца. Russian: Речица. 52°22' N, 30°24' E, 26 miles WSW of Homyel (Gomel), 157.5 miles SE of Minsk. 1900 Jewish population: 5,334. Rechitsa uezd, Minsk guberniya.

Cemetery: The Rechytsa local newspaper described this case (the author of article is I. Vasilieva): "An act of vandalism has been committed once again in the Jewish cemetery in Rechytsa. It happened on the night of February 9-10, 1999. Under the cover of darkness, 35 tombstones were overturned, and seven were totally destroyed. According to the deputy director of the investigative department of GROVD (Translator's note: GROVD is the local office of the Department of Internal Affairs), S.V. Rebko, the motives of these vandals are unknown. There are two versions explaining what has happened. But one of them, which actually states that a satanic ball was held that night in the cemetery, reflects that there are no doubts in the law enforcement organs. Workers of the city maintenance office have counted the cost of the damage caused by the criminals. The amount is more than 21 million old rubles (about US $550). But the moral damage, not only to the people whose relatives' graves were desecrated, but to the whole community, cannot be reflected in this figure. According to the chief engineer of the city maintenance office, G.K. Solonets, the cemetery has turned into the shortcut. In order to shorten their way, some of the more ardent inhabitants of Rechitsa not only walk through the open gates of the cemetery, but break the cast-iron decorative fencing... The police have not disclosed any prior similar crimes." [Date submission is unknown.]

Jewish cemetery photos. [February 2010]

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