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Alternate names: Radoshkovichi [Rus], Radoszkowicze [Pol], Radashkovichy [Bel], Radoshkovits [Yid], Radaškovičy [Bel], Radoszkowice, Radoshkovitz, Radoshkowitz, Belarusian: Радашковічы. Russian: Радошковичи.  54°09' N, 27°14' E, in Minsk Oblast, 21.9 miles NW of Minsk, 19 miles SE of Maladzyechna (Mołodeczno), 27 miles SSE of Vilyeyka (Vilejka); was Vilieka uezd, Vilna gubernia and now in Minsk uezd, Minsk guberniya, now Minsk Oblast. Radoshkovichi was in the Zaslavskaya volost'. Radoshkovits; sefer zikaron (Tel Aviv, 1953). Słownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego (1880-1902), IX, pp. 438-440: "Radoszkowicze". Town images and links.

photos of monument at the place of burning 340 Jews of this town on 7 March 1943 and monument at the massacre site of 860 Jews of this town on 11 March 1942. [March 2009]

UPDATE: On September 1, 2003 our employee visited the Jewish cemetery of Radoshkovichi. A new fence has been put around the cemetery. The cemetery has been completely cleared of garbage. The number of preserved tombstones comes to 200. They are in a good state and inscriptions are readable on half. The last burial is dated February 2003. At present, only three Jews live in the town. Source: Yuri Dorn [September 2003]

Jewish cemetery photos. [February 2010]


[UPDATE] Web page with photographs [November 2015]


2015 Photos courtesy Roger Lippman [June 2017]

Website:  https://belarusheritage.wordpress.com/

Photo of older part of cemetery by Andre Burdenkov [August 2017]


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