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Alternate names: Pastavy [Bel], Postavy, Поставы [Rus], Postawy [Pol], Postov [Yid], Pastovys [Lith], Postav, Postavi, Postow, Belarusian: Паставы. Russian: Поставы. 55°07' N, 26°50' E, 67 miles ENE of Vilnius (Vilna), 26 miles E of Švencionys (Sventzion) in Vitebsk Oblast, 89.0 miles NNW of Minsk. Pastavy is the centre of the Pastavy district, Viciebsk region, 250 km West of Viciebsk, a station on the railway line Viciebsk-Vilnius (Vilnia) in Lithuania. 1995 Population: 23,900.

Yizkors:Khurbn Glubok, Sharkoystsene, Dunilovitsh, Postov, Droye, Kazan: dos lebn un umkum fun Yidishe shtetlekh in Vaysrusland-Lite (Vilner gegnt) (Buenos Aires, 1956); Mayn shtetl Postov (Tel Aviv, 1977); Postavy a siluety (Prague, 1971); Sefer zikaron le-esrim ve-shalosh kehilot she-nehrevu be-ezor Svintsian (Tel Aviv, 1965). Town images and links. [March 2009]

MASS GRAVE: photo of site and monument at massacre site of the Jews of Postavy and Dunilovichi on 12 November 1942. [March 2009]

Jewish cemetery:

photos. [February 2010]

photos. 1847 Revision: 551 Jews. 1897 Census: 2397 of which 1310 were Jews. 4,000 Jews were placed in the Pastavy ghetto that was liquidated in November 1942. The Nazis raped women before their husbands, parents ,and children after which they killed all Jews including some burned alive in the houses. photo. [September 2010]

I am involved with a private effort to revive the Jewish cemetery. I have been there twice in the last year (birthplace of my father and all his family.) Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to help with the cemetery restoration.

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