NOVY DVOR: Vilna/Lida uezd [Novyy Dvor, Nowy Dwór, Novi Dvor, Novy Dvur, Novyy Dvur] Print

Alternate names: Novyy Dvor [Rus], Novy Dvor [Bel], Nowy Dwór [Pol], Novi Dvor [Yid], Novy Dvur, Novyy Dvur, Russian: Новый Двор. Belarusian: Новы Двор. Many towns are named "Novyy Dvor / Nowy Dwór" ("new manor"). This one is at 53°49' N 24°33' E, 30 miles W of Lida, 12 miles W of Vasilishki, 5 miles N of Ostryna. Jewish population: 664 (in 1897), 370 (in 1921). Former Lida uezd, Vilna gubernyia.Lida District. Map.

This town is near Shchuchyn, Vasilishki, Ostryna, and Rozanka that share a yizkor: Sefer zikaron le-kehilot Szczuczyn, Wasiliszki, Ostryna, Nowy-Dwor, Rozanka (Tel Aviv, 1966)

In October 1941 the Jews of Ostryna with those of Nowy-Dwor, about1,200, were concentrated in two small ghettos. On Nov. 2, 1942, all the Jews from the Ostryna ghetto were deported to the Kelbasin forced-labor camp near Grodno, and at the end of the month were deported to*Auschwitz. A few young people escaped from the trains going to Auschwitz and joined partisans. Source: Source: Encyclopaedia Judaica. © 2008 The Gale Group. All Rights Reserved.


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