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Alternate names: Novaya Mysh' [Bel], Nowa Mysz [Pol], Mysh Nova [Rus], Mush [Yid], Nova Muzh, Mysz Nowa, Novaja Myš, Myš Novaja, Russian: Новая Мышь, Belarusian: Мыш Новая. נובה מיש-Hebrew. 53°08' N, 25°54' E, 3 miles W of Baranovichy.


Remains of the Jewish cemetery are in a wooded area. There are several round stones, which are quite old. One is face up so the inscription might be obtainable. There are also mounds in rows which look to be graves, but without stones. Not far from there is the mass grave and a memorial built by Schmuel Kaplan of Baranovichi with the names of the families and the number of members of each family who were executed and buried there. He obtained this from a woman I met, who still lives in Mysh. Although it was strictly forbidden, she followed the group and watched the executions and later wrote down with a friend the information that survives. He visited May 5-9, 1977. Source: Larry S. Goldblatt, M.D.: e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it [date? before 1997?]

Hebrew website with photo: "Yechiel, disciple of Rabbi Mordechai Mlacawits buried there. The cemetery is in constant danger . [Apr 2014]

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