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Alternate names: Narach [Bel, since 1964], Kobylnik [Rus, Pol, until 1964], Kobilnik [Yid], Kabylnik [Bel, until 1964], Kobilniki, Naracz [Pol, since 1964], Naroch' [Rus, since 1964], Narač [Bel], Narutch, Belarusian: Кабыльнік . Нарач. Нарочь Russian: Кобыльник. קאבילניק-Yiddish. 54°56' N, 26°41' E, In NW Belarus, 57 miles ENE of Vilnius (Vilna), 25 miles SE of Švenčionys (Sventsion), 79.7 miles NNW of Minsk in Minsk Oblast. Since 1964, Kobylnik has been called Narach (Нарач), after nearby Lake Narach. Sefer Kobylnik (Haifa, 1967) and Sefer zikaron le-esrim ve-shalosh kehilot she-nehrevu be-ezor Svintsian (Tel Aviv, 1965).ShtetLink: JOWBR: Narach (Kobylnik). Słownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego (1880-1902), IV, p. 219: "Kobylnik".

To reach the cemetery, go to the only crossroads in town and turn east. Travel about two km. Pass some small wooden houses to a small wood about 150 meters south of the road. A dirt road leads to the gate of the cemetery. A priest living nearby currently is entrusted with overseeing the Jewish cemetery affairs as a representative of Mayer Svirsky, an Israeli engineer. (Mayer Svirsky, 53 Holland Street, Haifa, Israel, telephone +972 4 825 7888). Mr. Svirsky, formerly of that town near the Lithuanian border, has paid to fence off the cemetery, put in iron gate, and place a memorial tablet.

I visited this cemetery in May [date? before 1997? ] and found no listing of persons interred there. Many of the gravestones are in bad condition. It would probably be next to impossible to decipher even half of them. I did, however, find the stone of an Asher Hayyim HADASH, died about 1917. North of the village and just east of the highway is a fenced off area and plaque marking the site of the murder of the local Jews by the Germans in W.W.II. Source: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , [date?]

photos of Holocaust memorial and cemetery [March 2009]

landmarked Jewish cemetery photos. [February 2010]

JOWBR burial listings [August 2010]


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