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Alternate names: Molchad [Rus], Maytshet [Yid], Mołczadź [Pol], Moŭčadź [Bel], Meytshet, Maytchet, Mitshat, Molchadz, Moltchad, Motsit, Motzid, Russian: Молчадь. Belarusian: Моўчадзь. מייטשעט-Yiddish. 53°19' N, 25°42' E, 19 miles NW of Baranovichi, 20 miles SSW of Navahrudak, 22 miles NE of Slonim, 86.4 miles WSW of Minsk in Grodno Oblast. yizkor: Sefer-zikaron le-kehilat Meytshet (Tel Aviv, 1973). 1900 Jewish population: 1,188. Yizkor. [October 2000]

In 1995, we found a Jewish cemetery at the edge of town alongside a farm where children were playing among the burial stones. It looked like only time and neglect has caused this cemetery to be in poor condition. Most of the stones were lying on their sides, covered with heavy underbrush. We attempted to clean some of them so that we might be able to read them. We would have needed days and scores of people to really accomplish anything. We recorded five names. We hiked into the woods and found two stones in memory of the 3,500 Jews from Molchadz and the surrounding areas killed by the Nazis in July 1942. A survivor, Rachmiel Bar, currently living in Tel Aviv, put up the second stone written in Hebrew in 1994. He added the words "and their collaborators" after the word Nazis and "Jews" killed instead of townspeople. Every year the mayor sends him a dated picture showing that this stone has not been removed. Source: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Also see her article [March 2009]

photos of the massacre site and memorial to 3600 Jews of the town of Molchad and the nearest countries in July-August 1942. [March 2009]

cemetery photos. [February 2009]

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