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Alternate names: Belarusian: Мір. Russian: Мир. מיר - Hebrew. Located at 53°27' N, 26°28' E, 28 miles ESE of Navahrudak (Nowogródek). 54.7 miles SW of Minsk in Novogrudok uezd, Minsk guberniya. 1900 Jewish population: 3,319. yizkor: Sefer Mir (Jerusalem, 1962), Mir was 73% Jewish. June '42 uprising against Germans was bloodily suppressed. Zalman Shazar (1889-1974), Israeli author, poet, and third President of Israel from 1963 to 1973 was born here.Mir yeshiva (Belarus) information.

Cemetery: 17th century. The stones with broken wooden branches symbolize the pogrom in 1905. Source: I This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it [October 2000]

"If there is any indication that Jews once lived here - a 1921 census showed they comprised 55 percent of the town's population of 4,000 - it is of course the cemetery, but that too is vanishing. Surrounded by a 150-cm. stone wall and measuring three football fields in length, the earth here grows wild, except in the corner closest to the street, which shows evidence of once having been a vegetable garden. By climbing over the wall and walking across the middle of the field, one can see faint Hebrew writing on some headstones; and those that are even visible have only a few centimeters left before they too will be buried by time." Source: Jerusalem Post article dated 3 January 2001.

photos in 1997 [March 2009]

damaged, landmarked cemetery photos. [Febrary 2010]

Hebrew website with photos: [Apr 2014] " Buried here are Rabbi Yeruham Leibowitz Hmsgih' last rabbi of Mir. Instead of killing all the Jews from the Nazis Mir -Rabbi David. Rabbi Yehuda Leib ben Shlomo Zalman Mirkis. Rabbi Eliyahu Baruch primal-law. Rabbi Eliezer Yudel. Rabbi Moshe ben Meir Eisenstadt.  Rabbi Isaiah Zocvic made every Friday leap Vilna Gaon and back - the monument near the tent Sitrdtzki. Rabbi Avraham Tzvi grave. More information about the village of Mir can be found here "

Photo of new memorial courtesy Andre Burdenkov [July 2017]


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