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Alternate names: Mazyr [Bel], Mozyr' [Rus], Mozir [Yid], Mozyrz [Pol], Masyr [Ger], Belarusian: Мазыр. Russian: Мозырь. 52°03' N, 29°16' E, in SE Belarus, 77 miles WSW of Homyel (Gomel), 146.0 miles SSE of Minsk. 1900 Jewish population: 5,631. JOWBR Landsmanshaft: Roselawn, Toronto, Canada


Jewish Cemetery I: In the 1960's, the Mozyr Jewish cemetery in which the bones of about forty Jews, who supposedly chose suicide by fire rather than surrender to the Nazis were interred, was covered over by a sports field. In 2003, that field was excavated for a gas line. [July 2004] photos of multiple mass murder sites including the former cemetery, the local prison, Pripyat river, and memorials [March 2009]

Jewish Cemetery II: In 2003, a second Jewish cemetery of Mozyr was being excavated in order to lay the foundation for someone's home. Protests about these disturbances were characterized by Mozyr's deputy to the national parliament as being those of Jews who just wanted to sow "ethnic discord." A contruction worker at the site said that "the remains are collected, put into bags and taken somewhere.' See: September 14, 2003 AP report. [July 2004]

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