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Masty (Belarusian: Масты, Russian: Мосты, Mosty, Most-Yiddish) is a city in Hrodna oblast, the administrative center of the Masty district, 34 miles ESE of Hrodna (Grodno), 16 miles N of Volkovysk (Vawkavysk), 16 miles S of Shchuchin (Scucyn).1900 Jewish population was 868 . 53°25′1.2″N 24°33′0″E / 53.417°N 24.55°E / 53.417; 24.55.

Jewish houses from the 19th and 20th centuries.


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  • The 18th century Jewish cemetery is in extremely bad condition. photo and photo. [February 2010]
  • Also may have used the Jewish cemetery at Lunna or Peski. [February 2010]

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