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54°33' N, 26°57' E, 3 miles N of Vileika, 66 miles E of Vilnius (Vilna). Megilat Kurenits; ayara be-hayeha u-ve-mota (Tel Aviv, 1956) ShtetLink: 1900 Jewish population: 1,613. Alternate names: Kurenets [Rus], Kurzeniec [Pol], Kornitz [Yid], Kuraniec [Bel], Korenetz, Kuzhenets, Kuranec, Russian: Куренец. Belarusian: Куранец. קורניץ-Yiddish. Town information and photos. [October 2000]

Kurenets Jewish cemetery pictures: [21 December 2000]

photos of massacre sites. [March 2009]

photos of cemetery [February 2010]

"At the end of October, 2013 the Holocaust memorial in Kurenetz was vandalized. Three teenagers, residents of Vileika district, ruined section of the fence, broke the cement foundation of the monument, and stole the central plaque from the monument. Six tiles with engraved names of casualties were left untouched. The monument was originally erected in 1955 in memory of 1,040 Kurentz' Jews who were killed by nazis. In 2003 it was replaced by the current memorial.Union of Religious Jewish Congregation of Belarus sent an inquiry to the Head of administration of Vileika district, and expressed concern regarding the act of vandalism. Head of administration replied with the letter where he said that criminal cases against vandals were open, the monument has been partially repaired. Remaining repairs should be finished by July 3, 2014.Jewish Heritage Research Group in Belarus will follow up on this situation." Source: Yuri Dorn, Coordinator of Jewish Heritage Research Group in Belarus on JewishGen Digest. [Dec 2013]


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