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Alternate names: Krivichi [Rus], Krzywicze [Pol], Krivitch [Yid], Kryvičy [Bel], Krivitsh, Krzywcze, Kshivche, Kryvitsh, Krevitsh, Belarusian: Крывічы. Russian: Кривичи. קריוויטש-Yiddish. 54°43' N, 27°17' E, 21 miles NE of Vilyeyka (Wilejka), 9 miles WNW of Dolginovo (Dolhinov). 

Slownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego (1880-1902), IV, pp. 806-807: "Krzywicze". 1944- 1990s; the Soviet Union, 1921- 1939 in Poland, prior to the first world war; the Russian Empire. Town images.

yizkor: Ner tamid; yizkor le-Krevitsh (Tel Aviv, 1977).translation [July 2012]

Town images and history [March 2009]

cemetery: photo. [February 2010]

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