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Kocki is in Dyatlovo district, 3 km from Novoyel'nya at 53°28' N, 25°35' E, 14 miles SW of Navahrudak (Nowogródek), 29 miles NNE of Slonim. Alternate names: Nowojelnia [Pol], Nowojelna, Nowojelnja, Nowo-Jelnia, Nowo-Jelna, Novo-El′nia, Navael′nia, Russian: Новоельня. Belarusian: Наваельня. Jewish population in 1921:135. Słownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego (1880-1902), VII, p. 263: "Nowojelna". [March 2009]


photos and has the following information from Fr. Wieslaw Dabrowski who found a memorial marking the common grave of 10,000 Jews murdered by the Nazis in a forest of Nowojelnia in the village of Kocki, 3 kilometers from Nowojelnia where, on December 28, 1942 the Germans killed 10,000 children, women and men gathered from the entire area of Dziatlow. A monument had been erected in honor of these martyrs. The gravesite was fenced in 61 meters 18 cm long and 5 meters 13 cm wide. Over time, however, the fence has partially deteriorated. Fr. Wieslaw Dabrowski, a Catholic priest, decided to restore the fence in Spring 2000 and plant flowers. He states that, according to elders from his parish, the killing occurred in one day with no witnesses and that not all the victims died instantly. Some were still alive after the grave was covered with soil. When everything is complete, he will send more photos and a videocassette. Source: Fr. Wieslaw Dabrowski, Roman Catholic Parish of Most Sacred Heart of Lord Jesus, Belarus 231470 Nowojelnia [2000]

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